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Robert Crockett's Modern Muslim Mohammed Residence in SaMo

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This past weekend, the AIA/LA held its second spring home tour of the year, Ve=/SaMo (see the first set of tours and earlier homes from this tour here). Join us this week as we go inside two houses in bohemian Venice and two houses in its yuppie neighbor to the north, Santa Monica. Here's the last house of the tour, Robert Crockett's Mohammed Residence.

Robert Crockett's Mohammed Residence in Santa Monica was designed for "a progressive Muslim family who desired a home centered around their faith and extended family." Crockett designed a house with multiple courtyards and a lot of openness in the living areas, plus space for prayer, Wudu, and Ramadan fast-breaking. He tells the AIA in an interview "There are other faith based requirements as well that were incorporated into the house, from bathroom layouts and quantities, to material and color choices based on the Islamic system of colors."
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