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Your Move, Double-Rainbow Man

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We're not quite sure what the Guinness record for "Most Rainbows Included in a Single Real Estate Listing" is these days, but it seems safe to say that this listing for a home in the Hollywood Hills, which packs an impressive five Roy G. Bivs into its photo set, is a strong contender for the title. The set also includes some pix of a hawk in flight, Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood sign, a colorful sunset, and dramatic cloud formations. These are all very pleasant to look at, perhaps to distract from the less-pleasant-looking house. "Custom-built" in 1981, the two-story home features two bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths, several fireplaces, and a petite lot size of 2,412 square feet. On the plus side, more rainy days are in store. Asking price is $735,000.
· 8936 PACIFIC VIEW DR [Redfin]