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Steve Kent's Tree-Hugging Hirshberg Residence in Santa Monica

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This past weekend, the AIA/LA held its second spring home tour of the year, Ve=/SaMo (see the first set of tours here). Join us this week as we go inside two houses in bohemian Venice and two houses in its yuppie neighbor to the north, Santa Monica. Today we look inside the first Santa Monica house, Steve Kent's Hirshberg Residence.

Photos by Chris Register Part of the design consideration for Steve Kent's Hirshberg House is a eucalyptus tree out front that, according to an interview with Kent on the AIA's website, is a historic landmark. He says "The house was designed to step around the tree." He also wanted to get a lot of privacy out of a lot with neighbors close by, so he opened up the great room to the backyard and cantilevered the master bedroom out over the pool. Down in the basement, there's a full recording studio with both mixing room and a soundproof room, along with a playroom and bedroom. Kent says his favorite part of the house is the three-story poured concrete staircase enclosure.
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