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Where Should the Downtown Streetcar Go?, 1,000 Hours of SCI-Arc

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DOWNTOWN: Metro held a scoping meeting and workshop last night for the Downtown streetcar project, which is not guaranteed to include Broadway, but is being considered for the whole area "bounded by Cesar Chavez Avenue to the north, Los Angeles Street to the east, Washington Boulevard to the south and the 110 freeway to the west," according to the Source. The blog recaps some of last night's feedback, which included requests for vintage cars and LA Live service, and dueling opinions about whether the streetcar should stop at Union Station. [The Source]

ARTS DISTRICT: SCI-Arc has gotten two big grants--$200,000 from the Getty Foundation and $70,000 from the NEA--to help build its enormous Digital Lecture Archive. The database will have more than 1,000 hours of lectures and symposia going back to 1974, from architects and designers including Zaha Hadid, David Hockney, Rem Koolhaas, Robert Irwin, and Reyner Banham. The archive is scheduled to debut in 2012, but if you're antsy, SCI-Arc has about 200 lectures online now. [Curbed Inbox]


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