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Plantation-Style West LA Condos*, Bike to the Bar on Thursday

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WEST LA: A new condo project broke ground in West LA recently, as developer California Landmark (of the Californian on Wilshire) tells us, and shows us in the above rendering. Described as "plantation-style," the building will contain 25 two- and three-bedroom units at Wellesley and Texas, near Bundy and Wilshire. Maybe prematurely, the developer says to expect prices in the $600Ks. *As has been pointed out in comments, we previously attached an image of the developer's project on Prosser--all fixed. [Curbed Inbox]

LOS ANGELES: It's currently Bike Week--today was understandably difficult with the rain, but tomorrow's a fresh day. GOOD magazine's newsletter clues us in to a related event on Thursday sponsored by the LA County Bike Coalition. Bike FROM Work Day includes numerous happy hour events at restaurants and bars around the city--there'll be free bike valets and discounted drinks and food at events from Downtown to Santa Monica to Agoura Hills. [Curbed Inbox]