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LA Noire Isn't Smoggy Enough, Inspires Real 1947 Crime Map

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First 6 via Rockstar; last 2 via Popular Science It's LA Noire release day! Do you have a copy? Have you found something cool? For heaven's sake, let us know! We're not the only ones excited--the LA Times has put together a 1947 LA crime map, which includes the true stories of the acrobatic, milk-fiend burglars and the strongman who was robbed by another strongman.

On KCRW's DnA, Frances Anderton talks to Curbed pal Marissa Gluck about the video game's crossover appeal, to John Buntin, the author of LA Noir: The Struggle For The Soul of America’s Most Seductive City, about the game's verisimilitude, and to the game's production designer Simon Wood. According to Anderton, the game covers eight square miles, from Boyle Heights, through Downtown, and into Hollywood.

Buntin got to play the game recently and talks about strolling through the Spring Arcade, seeing green things at Pershing Square, and passing the Red Cars on Broadway. But the game does fudge a bit: Buntin thinks the skies are way too blue, the Downtown streets aren't crowded enough, and the police are too kind and gentle. He also finds the hyperrealism of the video game (which is what gamers love so much) to be a little un-noir.

Meanwhile, over at Popular Science, they have some of Robert Spence's forties-era aerial photos of Los Angeles, which the game draws from. Spence notoriously took the photos "while hanging out of a plane's cockpit with his 46-pound camera."
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