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"Now that I'm a homeowner, part of that trailer made me LOL: It looks like the kid gets a hold of the original blueprints of the villain's house and finds out that (dun-dun-DUNNNNNN) 'THE GARAGE WAS NOT ORIGINALLY ATTACHED TO THE HOUSE! WHY WOULD HE DO THAT?' Excellent point, Shia LaBooof! Why would anyone want an attached garage in this day and age? Converting a five-foot-long breezeway into a hallway? You'd have to pay a contractor, like, $1,500 to do that! WHY WOULD HE DO THAT, unless he's [SPOILER ALERT!] dragging kidnappees from the trunk of his car to a secret torture/murder room?" --guest [Shia LaBeouf Spied on the Neighbors From this Whittier House]