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Larry Scarpa's Outdoorsy Yin-Yang House in Venice

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This past weekend, the AIA/LA held its second spring home tour of the year, Ve=/SaMo (see the first set of tours here). Join us this week as we go inside two houses in bohemian Venice and two houses in its yuppie neighbor to the north, Santa Monica. First up is Larry Scarpa's Yin-Yang House in Venice.

Photos by Chris Register The Yin-Yang House, designed by Larry Scarpa (recently of Brooks + Scarpa), is all about the outdoors. While the office space at the front of the house faces onto the forecourt, the rest of the first level opens up to a backyard with bench seating running from inside to outside. There's an indoor stairway tucked at the front of the house, but it's not nearly as flashy as the outdoor stairway out back, which leads up to an outdoor hallway that overlooks the first floor's green roofs. All four bedrooms open onto both an indoor hallway and the outdoor hallway. The house was built for a family and has small bedrooms so that there's more space for everyone to hang out together.
· Brooks + Scarpa [Official Site]