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1920s Spanish with Five Bedrooms in Laurel Canyon

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This Spanish-style five-bedroom in Laurel Canyon was built in 1926. While it's certainly not without surface flaws (e.g., ghastly overhead lighting in the kitchen, unappealing linoleum and what appear to be vinyl windows in a couple rooms), these off-notes seem relatively minor compared to the property's more charming aspects, such as its beautifully stenciled beams, wood-burning fireplace, and elaborately tiled archways. Not to mention the massive fig (we think) tree visible through the living room window. Per Redfin, the 2,530-square-foot home has been listed and withdrawn from market a couple of times since 2009. It's now asking $975,000.
· 1808 LAUREL CANYON Blvd [Redfin]