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Gold Doorknobs Not Helping Sunset Boulevard Mega-Mansion

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We keep having visions of this Sunset Boulevard mansion after the coming apocalyptic zombie class war, full of filthy refugees warming their hands on burning Louis XVI chairs and gnawing on gold leaf for nourishment. Weird. Anyway, the nine bedroom winner of the Sunset Boulevard construction race (whose enormous neighbor still doesn't appear to be finished) has just gotten its first chop since going on the open market in June 2010, and to celebrate we're bringing you all the listing photos that weren't available back then. Drink in 36,000 square feet of gold-plated doorknobs, hand-carved limestone, and bronze beveled windows and doors, all of which even the owner found to be a bit much. The house was once asking $68.5 million and has been chopped to $55 million.
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