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Soriano's Schrage House Donated, LACMA Koons Train Watch

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LOS FELIZ: The owners of Raphael Soriano's Schrage House in Los Feliz have bequeathed it to Cal Poly Pomona. Steve and Marion Dodge have owned the 1952 house since 1987 and oversaw its restoration. Curbed visited back in 2009. No word on whether Cal Poly will also receive the house's killer backyard train set. [Archinect]

MIRACLE MILE: Five years in on LACMA director Michael Govan's tenure means it's time for another profile--let's comb this weekend's piece in the LAT for new clues about the museum's planned show-stoppers. Uh-oh, the KoonsMeter, which gauges how likely it is that we'll ever see Jeff Koons's smoke-belching train on a crane piece, is hovering in the orange zone: Govan "acknowledges that he is 'not completely certain' that it will be built. 'We don't have a final method of construction, and I don't have a final fundraising plan.'" On the upside, Michael Heizer's 340 ton "Levitated Mass" boulder is scheduled to arrive in August. It'll rest on two concrete rails lining a 15 foot deep trough (so it looks like it's levitating). And what about architecture acquistions? "Govan says he does not yet have the needed donations, financial or architectural." [LAT]

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