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Never Change, Colorful Tile Bathrooms in Old LA Houses

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We are of the opinion that there's a special place in hell reserved for those who rip out a perfectly good vintage-tiled bathroom in an old LA house--especially if those tiles happen to be mint-green and black--and replace it with a travertine travesty. So we were delighted to stumble across a flickr set entitled "Bathrooms good and bad" from user MissCandyDarling, which argues the case for original tile most eloquently, as you can see from the gallery above (photos 1-7). And here's an addition to Miss Darling's set: a lovely 1930s red-and-pink lavatory from this new listing in Glendale. In addition to the unspoiled bathroom, the three-bedroom Spanish-style home features hardwood floors, barreled ceilings, wrought iron railings, formal living and dining room, fire place, and built-in cabinets. It's listed at $865,000.
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