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Party For a 1907 House in South LA, New Santee Village Units

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JEFFERSON PARK: Mimi Munson is renovating her 1907 house with the help of paint company Farrow & Ball, and they're inviting everyone over this weekend for a pre-reno party. They'll be talking about making over an old house and vote on what paint colors to use where. F&B is also giving a 10% discount to everyone who comes. Party's from 2-4 pm at 2270 W. 23rd St. [Curbed Inbox]

DOWNTOWN: Kennedy Wilson is offering up units in the Cornell Building, one of the Santee Village Lofts, for the first time since picking up the project late last year. A rep for KW tells us that 18 units in Santee Village's Eckardt building sold out in three days in February. Cornell units will start at $169,000, and KW is offering a $10,000 coupon and Bosch appliance upgrade this weekend only. [Curbed Inbox]