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Zsa Zsa and Prince Finally Get Agent, Price Chop Bel Air House

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Hey, Zsa Zsa Gabor and her colorful husband Frederic Prinz von Anhalt might actually be selling their Bel Air house, go figure. Real estate agent Christophe Choo had this announcement today on his website: "We just listed this home as the exclusive agent" (the Wall Street Journal reported last night that a deal was coming). Back in January, everyone was making a big deal that the pair were selling the house, which Gabor has owned since the seventies, but since pretty much none of the info von Anhalt was giving the press was accurate, we had to throw a bit of side-eye at the whole thing.

The house still isn't on the MLS, but having an agent is a good way to look serious about selling, as is a healthy pricechop--when the story was first going around, von Anhalt said they were asking $28 million, but today TMZ reports that they've whacked that down to $16 million. And whoa, it just got serious as a heart attack: von Anhalt is saying they'll actually move out of the house instead of demanding to live rent-free with the new owner. He tells TMZ "I vant to sell it faster so Zsa Zsa can be in a newer, safer place once she gets out of zee hospital." (Yeah, TMZ actually transcribes in Transylvanian.)

There's still all kinds of questionable information floating around about the house (like that Howard Hughes built it and that it's 12,000 square feet), and Choo throws something new into the mix, writing that it's rumored to have been designed by John Elgin Woolf.
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