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Wilshire and Western Had a Traffic Circle Named Rosy in the 1920s

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Inset via LAPL, large photo via Paradise Leased

A couple days ago we learned about an architect's proposal to put in a roundabout at the 405/Santa Monica intersection, and everyone was like "Angelenos will never suffer a traffic circle!" And that's completely true, as history could've told us. Paradise Leased tells the story of the 1920s-era traffic circle at Wilshire and Western, which didn't last very long. It was nicknamed "Rosy" and it had "a 12-foot white cement 'compass' added to the center that featured flashing red lights on top and a set of helpful directional signs pointing the way to various destinations." Rosy dramatically reduced traffic accidents, but she did it by slowing traffic to a crawl, and a few months after installation, "the City Council abruptly voted, with only one 'no,' to order the Board of Public Works to immediately remove the circle as it was 'blocking traffic.'" PL has more details and some juicy historical gossip to go with them.
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