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Ke$ha Fans In Hollywood, Divorcee Sale, Camarillo Check

HOLLYWOOD: Ever wondered what a Hollywood Ke$ha show looks like? Thank Racked for bringing you the answer (and doing a little necessary finger-wagging): "Feathered anythings, tons of glitter, Sharpies to write weird Ke$ha shiz on your body, and a total lack of shame and inhibition. Seriously, young ladies, did your mom see you leaving the house in the lame hot pants and sequined tubetops?"

WEST HOLLYWOOD: The Divorcee Sale starts today at the Mondrian Hotel, and you just know rich ladies are going to getting rid of some awesome stuff. Plus proceeds go to charity.

CAMARILLO: Racked headed out to Ventura County to check out the pre-Memorial Day fare at the Camarillo Premium Outlets. They found tons of stuff, from Alexander Wang to Free People, and some pretty good deals.
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