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Badass Old Guys Turn Chatsworth Garage Into Powerlifting Gym

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What's going on in the garages of the deep Valley? Just some 70 year old dudes lifting 500 pound weights, reports the LA Times. When Chatsworth weightlifting gym the Power Palace was forced to close down, a group of lifelong powerlifters in their 60s and 70s (plus some younger friends) were left without a place to lift ridiculous amounts of weight twice a week. "Regular big-box gyms don't allow power-lifters...It intimidates their regular members," says lifter Bob Evans, who is 64. So he moved his Ford Explorer and storage boxes and set up a weightlifting gym in his Chatsworth garage. The lifters have a bench and 1,300 pounds of iron weights, along with some on-site signage: "Bob's Gym" and "Go heavy or go home." Members include a a 64 year old who holds the world for record "shirted and 'raw' power-lifting in the over-60, 275-pound weight class," a 69 year old electrical engineer who lifted 501 pounds at Muscle Beach last year, and a 76 year old retired mortgage broker who was told he couldn't lift more than 10 pounds after a recent triple-bypass.
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