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You Can Now Drive Through Rowena at Silver Lake Again

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Good news, Silver Lakers: Section 7A and 7B of the River Supply Conduit Improvement Lower Reach – Unit 4 are complete! Or, in meaningful terms: the intersection of Rowena Avenue and West Silver Lake Drive is finally opening up again after more than a year! The intersection shut down last March for construction of the water line that's helping to replace the Silver Lake Reservoir as a drinking water source. A press release from City Councilmember Tom LaBonge's office says the new line "will run through areas of Griffith Park and the Los Feliz and Silver Lake communities," and Eastsider LA points out that the construction will continue on parts of Rowena, Riverside, and Fletcher through the end of 2011. LaBonge and the DWP will hold an official opening ceremony at Rowena and Silver Lake this afternoon.
· Traffic to flow once again through a Silver Lake intersection [Eastsider LA]

Silver Lake Reservoir

1850 W Silver Lake Dr, , CA 90039