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Torrance Councilman Says Anti-Wal-Mart Petitioners Are Too Late

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Don't mess with Wal-Mart--that's the message from Torrance Councilman Tom Brewer to 300 locals who signed petitions demanding the big box store keep out of their city, according to the Daily Breeze. Previous efforts to stop the behemoth retailer, including a lawsuit from a union-backed group, have failed and the store already has city approval and mayoral support. Brewer told the Breeze: "[The petitioners] are about a year late to the party. We've gone through the approval process already. We've gone through the lawsuit...There's not really much the city of Torrance can do unless it wants to face a lawsuit from Wal-Mart." The petition effort is being spear-headed by Marcy Winograd, who's running for Congress and has made booting Wal-Mart one of her top objectives, saying the store pays poverty wages, crushes competition, increases traffic, and doesn't provide enough security. Wal-Mart is hoping to open a 75,000 square foot store at Sepulveda and Hawthorne.
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