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Revisiting Trump Vs. Rancho Palos Verdes in Flagpole, Ficus Feuds

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Hey, remember 2006, when Donald Trump was only offending a few pockets of America (and NBC viewers) at a time? That was the year he went to war with Rancho Palos Verdes over an illegal 70 foot flagpole at his Trump National Golf Club, and this week the Colbert Report reran its 2008 segment on the feud to remind us all that Trump isn't just putting on the patriot act for his current "presidential run." Trump has clearly learned his lesson. Back in 2007, his course management illegally planted and was ordered to remove a row of 12-14 foot tall ficus trees, which Trump claimed were necessary because "the houses being shielded by the hedges were in 'horrendous condition'," according to the Palos Verdes Peninsula News. He's now going through the city approval process to put the ficus back.

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