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Angelenos May Not Have to Beg for Bike Parking Anymore

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LA has no bike parking requirements for apartment buildings or any structure smaller than 10,000 square feet. Pretty shocking when you think about it. Today the Planning Commission is considering changing the law so that bike considerations, not just for parking but also for placement and design of racks, are required for new development, the Daily News Wire Service reports. Councilmen Eric Garcetti and Bill Rosendahl have been pushing for standards since 2009 and their idea got a boost with the mayor's bike master plan, signed in March. If approved, the requirements would allow businesses to replace up to two car parking spots with bike parking and allow street parking to be replaced with bike corrals, as was recently done on York Blvd. in Highland Park. Tim Rothman, the planner behind the ordinance, says, "We're expanding where and how you can park your bike. We're providing design standards, down to the detail of where to put bike parking and how to increase visibility so we don't hide bike racks in the back of a building." Image of Caltrans building bike parking via Bicycle Fixation
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