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Pink Taco Controversy, Juicy Silver Lake, Lil' Osaka Shutter, Fairfax Opening, Westwood Waffles

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CENTURY CITY: Accusations, Facebook pages, PETA call-outs, and a change in policy all resulted from Pink Taco's messy stunt from last week; the restaurant chain painted a donkey pink and left him/her in 85-degree heat to promote Cinco de Mayo (we don't get the correlation, either). Read all about it on Eater.

SILVER LAKE: It now seems odd that hipster heaven didn't have a juice bar... now it does, with the simply titled Silverlake (doesn't look they like put a space in it), which serves up tonics and teas and has an outdoor kombucha bar. Opens today.

LITTLE OSAKA: A little piece of Japanese-American history leaves LA with the closing of the 40-year-old Safe & Save market on Sawtelle in Little Osaka. The area is becoming more chi-chi by the minute, and the recent opening of a Trader Joe's a few blocks away on Olympic couldn't have helped business. Sad.

FAIRFAX: Speaking of growing chi-chiness, Fairfax gets another nice eatery with the Rosewood Tavern, a manly restaurant with lots of steak and scotch options. Opens next week.

WESTWOOD: We were just talking about the sad state of Westwood retail and here is some good news: Waffle Chix opened up this week on Broxton, offering a nice Southern-style lunch for students and office workers.
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