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Lovely and Amazing: Survey of Superlatives, Week of May 7, 2011

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Like countertop materials and paint shades, brokerbabble is subject to shifts in popular trends. In this first installment of an occasional series, Curbed analyzes the copy in Coldwell Banker's View magazine, a.k.a. the glossy real estate supplement found in Saturday's LA Times, to see how brokers are selling the sizzle.

In this week's View (May 7-13), we noted 118 different adjectives, from "amazing" to "world-class." What's that--no "zen"? That's correct--seems "zen gardens" have fallen from favor, and just when we would have welcomed one too, if only for the sake of ending this paragraph's first sentence more satisfyingly.

The top 15 buzzwords are:

1. private (by far the most frequently mentioned, often with "gated")
2. spacious
3. beautiful
4. large
5. charming

6. fabulous
7. stunning
8. gorgeous
9. lovely
10. exquisite
11. panoramic
12. wonderful
13. huge
14. amazing
15. perfect

From this unscientific sampling, one might extrapolate that many prospective homebuyers are feeling paranoid, antisocial, and cramped these days. They're also aesthetically demanding, and apparently don't share our deep-seated aversion to the word "exquisite."

The (imaginary) Golden Thesaurus Award goes to agent Jade Mills, who deployed an impressive seventeen adjectives in just four lines for her listing on Flicker Way:

Set on a spectacular 1.5 acre promontory just above the Sunset Strip in the coveted 'Bird Streets,' this perfectly restored Cape Cod Traditional Estate is an absolute treasure & features the most breathtaking, unobstructed views from Downtown L. A. to the ocean. Gated & down a private driveway, this property offers total privacy & is a secluded, tranquil retreat. Splendid master suite with large sitting room and beautifully appointed bath. Picturesque & serene grounds with patios, pool, lawn & lush landscaping, all overlooking the panoramic vistas.
· CB View [Official Site]