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Million Dollar Unit Debuts in New Atwater Crossing Sub-Hood

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Some developers really seem to be banking on Silver Lakers having kids, getting promoted, and wanting to live in fancy green condos in Atwater Village. Across the neighborhood from the solar-powered Mews, the project formerly known as Casitas Village has just started selling. The 29 detached houses, which were originally planned as futuristic alien pods but later downgraded to glassy townhouses, were built under the city's small lot ordinance and have LEED Platinum certification.

The unit on the MLS has two bedrooms with the potential for a third, three bathrooms, a two car garage, solar panels, a roof deck with built in barbecue, and--think of the possibilities!--a dumbwaiter that goes to the garage, kitchen, and roof. Developer Avo Tavitian is also involved with the Atwater Crossing creative spaces across the street, according to the Eastsider, and seems to be pushing a new sub-hood--the listing says the project is "in Atwater Crossing." It also says that this is the third unit for sale and "Prices stated as of the date of publication are approximate and subject to change." As of the date of publication, that price is $999,500.
· 3248 West CASITAS Ave [Redfin]
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