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Adding Dupont Circle to the 405, Manson Family as Selling Point

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Images via Jamie B. Myer

WESTWOOD: Westwood-based architect Jamie B. Myer proposes one solution to the 405/Santa Monica nightmare, where cars are stopped by traffic lights right off the freeway and flow is screwed up both on the ramps and on the surrounding streets. He suggests a roundabout similar to Dupont Circle in DC: "One of the most unique features of Dupont Circle is that the through-traffic actually bypasses the circulation in a tunnel underneath the roundabout...So, start by digging out the through tunnel, from West of Sawtelle, to East of the 405...This lets folks just cruise on past the 405 and get where they’re going...Traffic on Sawtelle does exactly what it does currently...and for those wanting to enter the 405 - just head around the roundabout - no lights!" There's a full set of illustrations for the plan over at Myer's site. [Jamie B. Myer Architects]

LOS FELIZ: A reader tipped us to this rental ad for a perfectly nice-looking house on Waverly Drive in Los Feliz. After mentioning the fruit trees, fountain, and security gate, it wraps things up with this: "And for anyone into that kind of thing, it's a few houses down from a certain house a certain family visited in August of 1969." (Meaning, presumably, 3301 Waverly, where the Manson family murdered Leno and Rosemary LaBianca.) That's rather macabre. [Craigslist]