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Long Beach Councilman Thinks Belmont Shore Is Too Jersey Shore

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Belmont Shore club owners are fighting Long Beach City Councilmember Gary DeLong for their right to party. DeLong tells tells the Press-Telegram (more than once) "Nothing good happens after midnight." Legends sports bar owner Gene Rotondo claims DeLong has gone after his bar, as well as Shannon's, the Acapulco Inn, Panama Joe's, and DOGZ (those last two sound like they could host a morning zoo together). He says he's agreed not to let new customers in after 1 am, and that he has a bouncer patrol his bar for excessive drunks. He also has "employees go down the first seven houses on both sides of the streets next to us and clean up any debris or vomit" after 2 am. The city has also told Legends to close its front patio after 10 pm. DeLong says he still get complaints from neighbors, and that "Something has to be done, and I'm trying to do it. So far I've failed."
· Doug Krikorian: Councilman, bar owner tangle over Belmont Shore nightlife [Press-Telegram]