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Moby Loves Los Angeles

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Does Moby makes a great Angeleno or what? The long-time New Yorker bought the very awesome Wolf's Lair when it seemed like no one else would, fixed it up and plans to put the hidden tiki bar to good use, and has become a major booster for his adopted city. In this interview at the Quietus, he says "Basically in all my years of travelling, I haven't found another city in the western world that interest me as much as Los Angeles – which might sound like heresy, but most cities, history has already happened and the people living there are sort of living on the bones of the thousand years of history that's already happened there. Whereas LA is always reinventing itself. There is a dysfunctional strangeness to Los Angeles that doesn't exist in any other western city." (He also calls out New York, quotes Homer Simpson, and proposes fair trade cocaine. It's a good read!) [The Quietus]