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New York Post Can't Resist Comparing North Central to Brooklyn

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Williamsburg kickball vs. Silver Lake dodgeball

NORTH CENTRAL: The New York Post steps right in the middle of the always-raging not-eastside debate with a travel article on what we all know as North Central (or the West Bank, or the Near East, or Edendale). Even though the article calls the Echoplex the Echospace and gives exhausting-sounding instructions to "retreat" from Griffith Park ("If the Los Feliz mommy and me crowd invades") to LAMILL by the Silver Lake Reservoir, then to wait there until Tiki-ti opens, it still gives LA more of a shot than most New Yorkers, even if that shot is a little backhanded. Check it out: "First off, what you should know about today’s Los Angeles is that it is way more interesting than the Los Angeles of as recently as 10 years ago. The amount of change that has come in modern times, to neighborhoods from Eagle Rock to Playa del Rey, is astounding." But of course it can't walk away without a Brooklyn comparison: "In many ways, the city’s west side and its clichés are now all part and parcel of a sort of affluent SoCal version of Manhattan; the east side of town, long down on its luck, is flourishing, growing to become a kind of parallel universe — a little like Brooklyn. A lot like Brooklyn, actually." [NY Post]