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Two LA Building Inspectors Nabbed for Taking Bribes

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Two Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety inspectors were arrested for taking bribes--they allegedly gave approvals to South LA residential projects without inspecting the work and, in some instances, never even visiting the work sites. The Pasadena Star-News reports that Raoul Joseph Germain and Hugo Joel Gonzalez were caught after a foreman told the FBI that two officials were taking money for the acceptance of permit approvals. "FBI agents began an undercover investigation that ended with Germain's arrest after he allegedly accepted $6,000 in bribes from the undercover agent. Gonzalez is alleged to have accepted a $9,000 bribe in the sting operation, according to the news release." No word on which projects were involved. Germain and Gonzalez are in U.S. District Court today and could face 10 years in the pen.
· Feds: Two LA Inspectors Took Bribes for Permit Approvals [PSN]