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Map of Online Self-Descriptions Reveals Startling Truths About LA

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Image via Luke DuBois

For his project "A More Perfect Union," artist R. Luke DuBois combed through online dating profiles from all over the country to find out how people describe themselves. He made Congressional district maps for a few words, like "shy," "kinky," and "funny," and he made full maps for a few cities. The results for Los Angeles are enlightening. Hollywood has "chutzpah," North Central is "upscale," the Manhattan Beach area is "caucasian," people in Pacific Palisades are "yuppie" or on "parole," Glendale has "schizophrenia," and the Golden Triangle is into "spanking." Full map below.

Click to enlarge:

Image via Luke DuBois
· A More Perfect Union [Luke DuBois, via Co Design]