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Scientology Clears San Jacinto Trailer Park For Golf Course Expansion

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The Church of Scientology's training video production arm, Golden Era, owns a nice golf course out in San Jacinto, but apparently it's a little small, so in June 2010, the company that buys properties for the Church snapped up a trailer park next door. Golden Era plans to expand its golf course, reports the Press-Enterprise, and it's kicked out all 21 trailer park tenants, but the last two put up a good fight. Candice Savage and Joseph Neely only started packing up this week after a judge shot down their attempt to get their evictions tossed out. They argued that a state mobile home law entitled them to a year's notice to vacate, but since they live in RVs, not mobile homes, the judge found that the law didn't apply. Golden Era says they've waived months of rent for the pair, and Savage says she was offered $800 at one point, but the offer was withdrawn. But it's all in the service of a greater good--Golden Era lets charities use its golf course for fundraisers.
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