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Chill Out/Party Down at Barbara Bestor's Silent Disco at SCI-Arc

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Photos by Joshua White Barbara Bestor's "Silent Disco," which opened April 1 in SCI-Arc's main gallery, is silent by day and a disco by night. During daylight hours, it gives "respite from the institutional production of architecture" with nooks and crannies and reflective surfaces that fill the space with light. When it gets dark, it's "a polyhedron of hedonism" with plenty of places for makin' out: "Like any other club, the disco silencio?s geometry naturally offers back rooms and dark corridors, an alternative refuge to the visual din of the dance floor." The structure is covered in both camouflage inspired by World War I and mirror ball fragments, and isn't that a fun metaphor for arch school? Go study and/or party through May 15.
· Barbara Bestor Architecture: Silent Disco [SCI-Arc]


960 East Third St., Los Angeles, California 90013