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Cheviot Hills Expo Line Legal Fees, Home Farming Day Hits LA

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CHEVIOT HILLS: Remember that lawsuit that Cheviot Hills homeowners filed because they claimed the Expo Line to Santa Monica would impede traffic? Well, the homeowners lost (construction on the leg to SM is supposed to start this year) and according to posters on The Transit Coalition forum, the homeowners group, Neighbors for Smart Rail, is responsible for more than $48,000 of the Expo Line Construction Authority's legal expenses. The court website (case BS125233) seems to back up the posters' assertions. Drama. [Curbed Staff]

PLAYA VISTA: Loyola Marymount is hosting a groundbreaking event on Tuesday morning for a new "community-based home farm." The campus garden will provide food for volunteers, as well as soup kitchens and food banks. The Tuesday event is sponsored by Triscuit, which is bringing snacks. Click here for details. [Curbed InBox]