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Chandler Ranch Moving Ahead, Giving $2 Million to the RHE Horses

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The Rolling Hills Estates planning commission voted this week to send the Chandler Ranch development on to the city council for consideration later this month, but compensations will have to be made to the horsey set, who have felt snubbed by the project. Chandler Ranch will put 114 luxury houses on top of an old quarry and add a new golf course and clubhouse for neighboring Rolling Hills Country Club. But the developers asked to be removed from the city's horse overlay zone, meaning they won't have to provide horse accommodations. To calm the equestrians angered by that plan, the Chandler developers have made a deal with Dale Allen, president of the Palos Verdes peninsula Horsemens Association, to donate $1 million for horse facilities. The Daily Breeze reports that "That would be matched by another $1 million designated specifically for horse-related projects, to come out of a parks fee that the developer is required to pay to the city." Allen says he'll provide the "shopping list" of desired horse amenities, but start prepping the cavalry in the equestrian civil war--some riders told the paper they're not happy with his agreement. The project will go to the city council on April 26.
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