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Orange Line Extension Bike Path: Suggestion Box is Open

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Images via Metro and LADOT bike blog

More biking news--the LADOT bike blog has updates on the under-construction bike path that will parallel the four-mile extension of the Orange Line busway opening next year. The blog reports that "from the Metro Orange Line Canoga Station to Vanowen Street, the facility will be a 10? wide multi-use path; the new bike and pedestrian path will run between the busway and Canoga Avenue from Vanowen St. to the terminus at Lassen St.; a new traffic signal will be installed at Lassen Street/Old Depot Plaza Road to connect the path to the Chatsworth Intermodal Transit Center; at Chatsworth Station (Lassen St.), the path will link up with the existing Browns Creek Bike Path." And the four new Orange Line stations will include a total of 48 new bike lockers and 34 new racks. The blog is also looking for helpful ideas, especially from people who utilize the existing Orange Line bike path. A commenter notes that the path's traffic sensors are hard-to-reach buttons and that curb cuts don't match up with the bike path, leading to awkward maneuvering. Lastly, the traffic lights don't give any signal priority to the bike lane, writes the commenter. A representative from LADOT responded that all these issues are being considered in construction of the new extension, so worry not.
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