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1924 House in Mid-City Has Been a Taco Stand and a Carwash

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This property right at Venice and Hauser "has been used as carwash, taco stand and beauty parlor," according to its listing, but right now it seems to be employed as an antique shop, which is probably at least part of how it got that spooky Miss Havisham air about it. The 1924 house has three bedrooms and one and three-quarter bathrooms in about 2,200 square feet, but at the location, it makes sense as a business. The listing helpfully suggests you convert it to "a fine restaurant, florist shop or spa," or you can keep the house and have a very convenient latte every morning: "The elegant colonnaded carport has the potential for use as an arty coffee kiosk for the discerning." Asking price is $1.1 million.
· 5506 VENICE [Redfin]