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Congressional Candidate: Rise Up Against Torrance Wal-Mart

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There's already a lawsuit against it, but now Congressional candidate Marcy Winograd (running for the seat of recently-retired Jane Harman) wants locals to throw their weight toward running Wal-Mart out of town. Specifically, she wants her campaign volunteers to help gather anti-Wal-Mart signatures--the big box is angling to fill a former Mervyn's space at Sepulveda and Hawthorne with a 75,000 square foot W-M. "I may be running a campaign to win a congressional seat," Winograd said in a statement, "but I am very concerned about Walmart's reputation for not providing night-time security in its parking lots, increased traffic and the possibility that another big box store will hurt small businesses in Torrance." The politician also brings up the gender bias class action suit the Arkansas retailer is facing (oooh, she went there). The lawsuit, by the way, contends Torrance skirted law by allowing the store to move forward without an environmental impact report. To complicate things further, Torrance's mayor supports the Wal-Mart.
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