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Long Beach Councilman Lays Waste to Check-Cashing Joint

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Photo by Leo Delati

Update, 4:25pm: A check-cashing operation on the Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach met the bulldozer today--with a City Councilman behind the wheel. The office of Robert Garcia sent us a notice announcing that today he would "demolish a nuisance check-cashing facility" by symbolically striking the building with a sledgehammer before driving a bulldozer into it (see above). The councilman's office says Magnolia Check Cashing Services was long a problem to residents and other area businesses before it closed in December. The Long Beach Housing Development Company, which also sponsored the bulldozing, is working on an unspecified new development that will hopefully be less worthy of attack by sledgehammers and bulldozers. Update: Garcia's office just told us the new development will be affordable housing, with more details to come later.
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