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Thrill-Seeking Kids Built Their Own Zipline at Cahuenga Peak

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The Trust for Public Land worked tirelessly in 2010 to raise the money to buy Cahuenga Peak, and it was only with Hugh Hefner's last minute help that the group was able to keep McMansions and zip-line parks (as one potential buyer proposed) off the Hollywood Sign's neighbor. Now the land belongs to the people of Los Angeles, and it remains free and open, so kids can sneak up and build their own zip-line parks. Griffith Park Wayist dug up a personal blog post documenting a hike up the peak to an old couch: "A raggedy old thing that someone, Max presumably, has dragged all the way up here." The same Max "somehow built a zipline(!) that runs between the hills!" Check out the video down below to see a ride--it looks super fun and totally dangerous. We hate to ruin a good illegal zipline, but we have a feeling it won't be up for much longer.

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