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7th Street Bike Lanes Will Miss this CicLAvia, Be Around for Next

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Bike lane renderings via LACBC

Sunday's CicLAvia will prominently feature 7th Street as a playland for bikes and walkers, but the street will soon become a full-time pleasure for the former. The Department of Transportation plans to stripe 5.4 miles of bike lanes on the street in October (likely in time for the city's third CicLAvia on October 10th, not that they'll really be necessary for the event), from Koreatown through MacArthur Park into Downtown and ending in Boyle Heights. The LA Bicycle Coalition reports that community members met yesterday to discuss getting the word out about the lanes by doing bilingual door to door outreach, posting flyers at area businesses, and hosting bike rides, workshops, and art projects. The coalition will also be at CicLAvia to let people know about the changes a'comin.
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MacArthur Park

2230 W. 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90057