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Two Ains: Serious Fixer in Mar Vista, Avenel Coop Unit in Silver Lake

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There are Gregory Ains for all people hitting the market today. Perhaps you're a handy and preservation-minded family with parents who work in Culver City or at UCLA. For you, there's this three bedroom, one bathroom house needing quite a bit of work in the Ain Mar Vista tract historic preservation overlay zone. Or maybe you're a hip couple with lefty inclinations and the ability to take on three-quarters of a million dollars in debt. For you, there's the two bedroom, one bathroom unit in Ain's Avenel Cooperative Housing Project in Silver Lake. Mar Vista has a pool, Avenel is in the Ivanhoe school distrct. Mar Vista may have unpermitted additions, Avenel was renovated by architect Michael Folonis. Mar Vista is asking $649,500. Avenel is asking $729,000.
· 3515 MOORE St [Redfin]
· 2845 AVENEL St Unit 1/2 [Redfin]