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Latest Solution Proposed for Venice RVs: Parking Lots to Housing

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The city is trying yet another approach in its efforts to fix the rifts between those living in vehicles in Venice and locals who don't want RVs parked outside their homes. The Argonaut reports there's a new proposal to implement a “Roadmap to Housing” initiative. From the paper: "Under the Roadmap to Housing, people who are living in their vehicles due to financial or other troubles will be allowed to park safely overnight in designated lots as they work with People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) in their transition into housing.

PATH, a non-profit that works with homeless people in areas across Los Angeles County, will manage the vehicle to housing program. The program comes as local communities, particularly Venice, have looked for solutions to an ongoing problem of RVs lining the streets and after many of the vehicles have moved off the streets due to oversize vehicle parking restrictions."

Not everyone is a fan of the program, which would designate areas for the RVs to park in Venice, also part of a previous proposal. "Karen Wolfe of the Venice Action Alliance... sees the planned program as a “shadow of its former self,” saying prior efforts tried to avoid creating a large concentration of vehicles in one area. “I see this as a Roadmap to Nowhere,” she stated at the meeting. Nor is it clear this PATH-backed program is going forward. No word on what those living in the RVs think of this plan, either.
· Two city parking lots chosen for vehicle to housing plan; Rosendahl to explore Venice option [Argonaut]