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Vegas Paper: DesertXpress is Monorail, The Sequel

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Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Adrienne Packer compares the DesertXpress train--the Vegas-to-Victorville high-speed proposal that just released its final environmental impact report--as the second-coming of Vegas's mostly disastrous monorail. Like the DesertXpress, the Sin City monorail was touted as a smart investment when it was first floated. Ridership on the privately-owned elevated train has been lousy (poor station location is often blamed) and it declared bankruptcy last year--extensions to the airport and downtown Vegas, which might boost ridership, now seem unlikely. Packer insinuates the DesertXpress could be somewhat useful if it's extended to Palmdale and the California high-speed rail system, but that's far from certain. Meanwhile, Packer asks, "are the high-speed train's representatives truly going to believe that Las Vegans will spend $50 each way to Victorville, then rent a car and drive to Los Angeles?" The LVRJ published an editorial in the fall saying any speedy train to Vegas isn't worthwhile.
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