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Sexy Video of Expo Line Testing, More Wilshire Boulevard Changes Coming

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LOS ANGELES: Here's some exciting train action of the recently-mentioned Expo Line testing. It's like seeing a kid on training wheels! Full video after the jump. [YouTube]

WILSHIRE BOULEVARD: More work on ravaged Wilshire Boulevard is coming. Last weekend, workers were scheduled to begin work on the north side of Wilshire, between Rimpau Boulevard and Hudson Avenue. And this weekend – April 9th and 10th – they’ll remove and replace the asphalt section or “bus lane” between Hudson and Rimpau. A press release from City Councilmember Tom LaBonge says his office and the Bureau of Street Services "have identified several areas of Wilshire – from La Brea to Western – where the curb-lanes are so badly degraded, they require immediate attention. These areas will be repaired in the coming weeks." [Curbed InBox]