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The Kitchen (and Bedroom, and More) in Jen Aniston's Hal Levitt

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She's doing it guys, Jennifer Aniston is really leaving us. Now that she's picked up two adjacent condos in the West Village, she's getting serious about ditching the Trousdale Estates Hal Levitt that she spent so much time and energy fixing up. The house, which was originally listed in March, has hit the MLS with a nice set of photos, many recycled from Aniston's 2010 Architectural Digest feature and some that appear to have been taken at a far less glamorous daytime shoot. By the way, is that a pizza oven next to the wine cellar? We could've sworn Aniston stopped eating carbs back in 1998. Anyway, the MLS listing has details a little different from what we've seen before--it says the house was built in 1972 and has five bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms. Asking price, as ever, is $42 million.
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