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Rustic Mid-Century Designed by Allen Siple in Mandeville Canyon

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This ivy-covered residence on Mandeville Canyon Road was designed by Allen Siple, whom the book Forgotten Modern: California Houses 1940-1970 describes as "a handsome, charming gentleman-architect whose best friends included A. Quincy Jones and Maynard Lyndon." Per the listing, the 2,932-square-foot home was built using "slate quarried from the canyon and red wood beams salvaged from the old Venice pier." The 1953 property features two bedrooms, two baths, forty-foot-high stone walls in the living room, three fireplaces, and a hot tub. There's no pool at present, but certainly room for one on the five-and-a-half acre lot. Asking price is $2.995 million.
· 2669 MANDEVILLE CANYON Rd [Redfin]