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Romper Room for Adults? New Downtown Clubhouse Launching

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Update, 4:06 pm: You know how some of your over 35-year-old friends never seem to grow any older, be it in their wardrobe or lifestyle choices? God bless those eternal hipsters. And now there's a place for us, err, them, to play. A tipster passes on word of Common Room, described as a clubhouse for adults. Located at a temporary space at 4th and Spring, Common Room offers a range of activities. For instance, there's Board Game night next Monday, a "Glee" party this Tuesday, and Speed Networking on Thursday, according to Common Room's web site. This Sunday kicks off an Open House. And more from Common Room's web site: "During the months of May, June, and July 2011, we will offer an assortment of social events and workshops from a temporary location in Downtown Los Angeles's Historic Core. Our intention is to open a full facility, complete with all of the much-anticipated lounge space and amenities, in August." The web site states that the membership, which includes a variety of perks, will go into effect later this year at $29 a month. "My intention is to create a place where people can meet over a variety of interests... something different than [meeting at] a bar," says founder Lauren Shapiro, who has a background in politics and non-profits. As far as membership, there are no dues in the beginning. For now, events--Shapiro hopes to also include such events as classes on urban gardening to improv--will range from in price (some events will be free.)
· Common Room [Official Site]