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Moby Turning Wolf's Lair Tiki Bar Into Private Magic Club

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Actual Wolf's Lair tiki bar via Curbed reader Steven Price; Moby via NYT; GOB Bluth via Arrested Development

Moby is definitely putting his Wolf's Lair estate to good use: "I had a date, which ended up making out under the view of the Hollywood sign, but nothing too crazy." Makeouts are cool, but the New York Times has even better intel: he plans to turn the secret Prohibition-era tiki bar into an invitation-only magic theater. So if you've been looking for an alternative to the Magic Castle, it's at Moby's house.

Private magic clubs are just one of the things LA has on Moby's former home, New York. He says he came west because a silly-high cost of living has forced "Many of his interesting, creative friends" to leave Manhattan, and that he also sobered up and realized how miserable New York is in winter: "I stopped drinking a few years ago, and I got to say that the cold and nastiness of New York in February was a lot easier to handle when I was a crazy drunk...If you’re hung over when it’s sleeting outside and 40 degrees, it doesn’t seem so bad."

Moby's put about $2 million into the Wolf's Lair renovation--local firm Tim Barber fixed up the roof, kitchen, plumbing, wiring, and windows and added three bathrooms to the main house. Moby says he tried to get rid of anything post-1945, excepting, of course, the John Lautner-designed guest house.
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Wolf's Lair

2869 Durand Dr., Los Angeles, CA