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Hotel Bel Air Reopens in the Fall With Bananas New Features

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Rendering of the living room in one of the new villas via Champalimaud

Updated 1:57 pm: The Hotel Bel Air will reopen in the fall, and it's not going to be your grandma's old school Golden Triangle, Texas entrepreneur-owned Hotel Bel Air anymore--it's going to be a tricked out 2011, Sultan of Brunei-owned Hotel Bel Air. The hotel's been closed since October 2009 for a thorough makeover that adds 12 villas with their own infinity spas, a spa with adjacent guest lofts, and a huge new presidential suite compound.

The existing 91 rooms and suites will get limestone floors, wood ceilings, and bigger bathrooms with separate shower and bath and heated floors. The new villas are being built into the hillside and will have canyon views, glass walls, outdoor fireplaces, decks, and private infinity spas. There will be seven specialty suites, including the returning Grace Kelly, and a new presidential suite with a dining room for ten people, a chef's kitchen, a study, a great room with a grand piano, and a private courtyard. It'll total 6,775 square feet indoor and out.

The hotel is also getting a new lobby lounge overlooking Swan Lake and a new 12,000 square foot spa managed by La Prairie. The spa will have seven treatment rooms (including a couples room), a 24 hour fitness center, and three open-plan guest lofts, each with a double-sided fireplace.

Design firm Champalimaud is in charge of the renovations and redesigns for all of the above, plus the reception area and boutique, and they've taken inspiration from the Los Angeles of the thirties, forties, and fifties. Rockwell Group is overhauling the ballroom and the restaurant, which, it's rumored, will be run by Wolfgang Puck. There's more on that over at Eater LA.

And all that feature-listing has worn us out a bit, but we won't leave you without a vital swan update: the swans have stayed in their Swan Lake home throughout the renovation and have gotten new circulation pumps that keeps the water up to their high Bel Air standards and saves 50,000 gallons of water a year.

We hear that room rates will start at $565 and include a $100 dining credit through December 29.
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Hotel Bel Air

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