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Bela Lugosi at Home, Yet Another Sign War in Beachwood Canyon

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Lugosi and dogs via Classic Horror Film Board

BEACHWOOD CANYON: Here's Bela Lugosi doing something spooky with a spooky pack of dogs in the spooky backyard of his Beachwood Canyon house, which came on the market recently. A few sources have said Lugosi lived at the house in the thirties, not the forties as listed in the Movieland Directory, but we haven't been able to confirm either way. [Curbed Inbox]

BEACHWOOD CANYON: Beachwood has yet to meet a sign it won't fret over--tourist-directing signs, brass Hollywoodland entrance signs, the Hollywood Sign. This week someone is protesting a Department of Public Works sign with a counter-sign that reads "No Billboards on Beachwood" and has the number for City Councilmember Tom LaBonge's office. [Curbed Inbox]